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, which is paid by the buyer as part of the purchase price. 4-39395 (7,000-12,000) Have a similar item you want to sell? 4-39385 (12,500-17,500) Have a similar item you want to sell? Bullet shield is in excellent unused condition with 95% coverage of OD green paint. Shipping labels on some of the cans indicate purchase from “Hanson”. 4-39469 JWK20 (4,000-6,000) Have a similar item you want to sell? Also includes complete cleaning kit, orig Colt 20 rnd mag and .22 cal. Second spare upper has 22″ bbl M16A2 adjustable sight configuration, heavy bbl assault hand guard with carrying handle, unfired. CONDITION: Overall finish and appearance is outstanding, 99% . 4-39386 (12,500-17,500) Have a similar item you want to sell? *** RARE FN MK-46 MOD-0 MACHINE GUN (PRE-86 DEALER SAMPLE). The MGA conversion of this unfired Minimi/M249 to the Milspec Mk46 Mod 0, required the removal of the M16 magwell, the forward vehicle pintel mount and changes to the hole pattern in the front of the receiver to accommodate the attachment of the new Mk46 tri-rail forward grip, as well as finish and fit being fully changed to MK46 configuration with all MK46 parts. 1970; spare sling; spare top cover with internal parts in sealed plastic bag; hot bbl change mitten; spare bipod; spare buttstock; and one ammo can with linked ammunition. CONDITION: Overall finish and appearance is pristine. The only blemishes to the finish are due to handling, 99% orig Parkerized finish, one bbl is new in wrapper, but all three appear unfired. Also accompanying is a copy of a newspaper article from an unknown publications with a picture of Capt. Front half of action has worn and thinned, blending with some brown patina. Hammer retains dark orig case colors slightly silvered on right side.The prices noted here after the auction are considered unofficial and do not become official until after the 46th day. ** AUTO ORDNANCE(WEST HURLEY)THOMPSON M1928 SUB MACHINEGUN (FULLY TRANSFERABLE). **BROWNING 1919A4 MACHINEGUN ON RAMO SIDEPLATE (FULLY TRANSFERABLE). All items appear to be totally functional and usable. Nice lot of M2 tripods for the shooting enthusiast. **M-60 MACHINE GUN BY MAREMONT (FULLY TRANSFERABLE). Cal 7.62, 25 3/4″ bbl, M-60, manufactured by Maremont Corp, Saco ME. Weapon appears fully functional and operates smoothly when cycled by hand. Assault-type spare upper appears unfired, and long bbl upper shows only very slight use. Only blemish on shorty upper is where wrench has been applied to bbl. Orig Colt M16A1 in fabulous condition with excellent extra uppers make this a top prospect for the M16 or U. **FN-FAL MACHINE GUN, REGISTERED BY FLEMING (FULLY TRANSFERABLE). Less than 100 FN Minimi Pre May Dealer Samples are known to exist on the ATF registry books. This MK46 is one of only 5 converted Minimis the ATF has allowed to be re-designated on the Form 3 paperwork as “Mk46”. The Vz.58 is a gas operated, magazine fed, selective fire weapon. Accessories include: one spare standard 24-1/2″ M-60E3 long bbl; one 20-3/4″ M60E3 bbl; two U. Firing mechanism operates stiffly, but smoothly as is proper for this arm. Emerson sitting on what appears to be a Hercules Powder Box holding his Winchester rifle with a full writeup about Capt. Metal retains virtually all of its fine Winchester finish with the bbl nicely polished and blued by Winchester. Lever shows some dark orig case colors blending with dark patina.THIS SUPER LOOKING UNIT FEATURES A QUICK TAKE DOWN KNOB MILITARY STOCK WITH MILITARY STOCK REINFORCEMENTS, MILITARY SLING SWIVLE MOUNTS, A HEAVY WALNUT STOCK WITH SUPER COLOR AND GRAINING ALMOST TOO NICE FOR A MILITARY STOCK....

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Also included is a spare bbl, bolt, carrying rod with spring and buffer, and bolt block parts, and reproduction FBI hardcase. Stock retaining latch also shows wear along the edges and latch retaining sear has been blunted causing some play in buttstock as noted above. Wood, overall, is very fine with some very slight handling marks and a slight varnish run along right side near wrist. Wooden ammo boxes in very good to very fine condition. Firing mechanism operates smoothly when cycled by hand, appears fully functional and one bbl appears to be chrome lined. CONDITION: Currently in .308 caliber , this weapon appears unfired with no noticeable wear to the steel trunnion block, overall finish is excellent plus, gray Parkerizing, the only wear in evidence is where the gun mounts into the pintle. Fantastic set-up for the collector of top condition U. **RAMO M2 .50 CAL HEAVY MACHINE GUN (FULLY TRANSFERABLE). High AA tripod with 2 cradles in desert tan color and ammo box with reel, 2 ammo box holders in desert tan, 2 ammo box holders in OD green. AA tripod is light OD green, 85% coverage, brass head. Accessories include: spare wooden stock and fore end, with spare hard rubber hand grip; bipod; scope mount assy; cleaning kit; mag loader; additional Israeli made parts including two carrying handles, rubber handgrip, buttplate and other small parts; one leather and one web sling; two leather, German made mag pouches and 22 spare mags. CONDITION: Overall finish and appearance is excellent, 99% . An outstanding attractive example of a functional machine gun design. Top cover has evidence of some slight handling marks, as well as top of hand guard. Magazine fits snugly and properly into magazine well. There are copies of other Winchester ads showing Capt. Matching one piece forends have Anson releases with nos. WINCHESTER 1873 2ND MODEL DELUXE LEVER ACTION RIFLE. Accompanied with Cody Firearms Museum fact sheet identifying as half oct bbl rifle, plain trigger, checkered pistol grip stock, half mag, case hardened, received in warehouse 7/24/1882, shipped from warehouse 7/25/1882 on order no. Inspection of lower tang reveals assembly number “XX 4372 R”, matching numbers can be found on top tang channel of stock and inside toe of buttplate. Bbl retains good orig blue that is toning brown mostly on rnd portion, oct is still mostly blue.

Includes one West Hurley 50 rnd drum; one Auto Ordnance 50 rnd drum; and two Auto Ordnance 100 rnd drums, all of recent manufacture. This could re remedied by replacing or re-working the buttstock retaining sear. CONDITION: Overall finish and appearance is very good, 95% with wear showing along top of actuator and very slight scuffing along magazine well with typical loss of blackening on aluminum stock hardware. Accessories include one spare magazine, and one New England marked bbl with good bore. One water can is in very good condition and one in very fine condition. Overall a pristine example of the US Browning .30 cal machine gun with a complete assortment of accessories for either the A4 or A6 configuration. 4-39392 (10,000-15,000) Have a similar item you want to sell? M2 HEAVY MACHINE GUN ACCESSORY LOT OF M63 AND AA TRIPODS W/ ACCESSORIES. This is a Fleming registered sear installed in an H & K rcvr #43-15227. Includes one phosphate finished extended magazine, 7 original magazines, H&K loader and screwdriver. Firing mechanism functions smoothly when cycled by hand. 2022 to be an authentic example of this rare model.” It should be noted that Capt. Additionally accompanying this rifle are copies of the only time Winchester ever advertised this rifle, which apparently appeared in the publication Arms and the Man in September 1922. Case exterior leather is darkened, with numerous scuffs and abrasions, with tape lines over top. Stocks measure 14″ over thin black “Decelerator” pads, have vacant gold ovals on toe line, and 18 LPI standard point pattern checkering with mullered borders. Nose cap has faded colors leaving a silver hardening color. 4-38357 (12,500-17,500) Have a similar item you want to sell? 2nd Model receiver with screwed on rail and dust cover, thick base 3″ peep sight, mounted with “XX” quality walnut, checkered pistol grip, fleur-de-lis ebony insert in cap, crescent steel buttplate with trapdoor, 4 pc steel and brass tipped cleaning rod, H-style checkered forend with nose cap.

Overall a very nice looking and shootable Thompson with enough drums for the shooting enthusiast. This is a complete and extremely fine condition example of the 1917A1, as it would have been found in WWII issue configuration. approx 6,000 metal links 2,000 of which are in orig cardboard cartons in excellent condition; 7.62 linking machine; M2 tripod with pintle; 3 spare 1919A4 bbls and 2 1919A6 bbls; and one G. One “Tombstone” 200 rnd drum magazine in OD green w/crank. One ammo box holder is in excellent OD green condition, the other shows some use. M63 mount appears completely functional and in good condition. Ammunition appears to be mostly of South American manufacture. Links in some of the cans showing some slight corrosion due to humidity within can at time of sealing. A good lot of shootable ammo for the .50 cal enthusiast. Accessories include web sling, 90 rnd drum mag, spare composite butt and buffer, and complete spare bolt. One upper has 26″ long bbl with standard military hand guard with M16A2 adjustable sight configuration. 4-39391 (10,000-15,000) Have a similar item you want to sell? FN’s Mk46 design was a project for the US Navy SEAL Teams, and is focused belt fed firepower and weight savings. carrying cases in good, used condition; one M60D spade handle assy; tripod and ammunition box/tray; tool kit; combination wrench, cleaning kit; spare hand grip; manual dated Oct. Would make an exceptional centerpiece to any modern, U. **H&K MP-5 SUB MACHINEGUN W/ FLEMING REGISTERED SEAR(FULLY TRANSFERABLE). Excellent bright bore, the only blemish is the slightest mark where magazine goes into the magazine well. Emerson holding his Winchester rifle and a gentleman named W. Richard holding a Springfield match rifle with Winchester A5 scope. Accessories include 2-pc wooden cleaning rod, snap caps, oil bottle, leather hand protector, and leather wallet with cleaning brushes, etc. Bbls retain virtually all of London quality re-black with engraving picked up. Forend iron, trigger guard, top lever and safety button are re-blued, and retain virtually all of that blue. All parts and pieces are beautifully hand filed, fitted, and finished to near perfection. Receiver retains 75-80% orig case colors, strong on side plates, top and rear portion of action.

Hardcase in very fine to excellent condition, and including one key for lock. Rear sight in deep blue, not gray Parkerized finish, with rotating peep center configuration. M1919A4 with accessories, which include: wooden transit chest in O. green paint labeled by owner as for 1919A4; 1918 Cloth Belt Loader (early brass component model)w/ wooden transit case. Also included is a muzzle attachment buffer for conversion from .308 to 30-06, A6 bipod, A6 buttstock, A6 muzzle, both long and short flash hiders, 2 carrying handles that facilitate conversion to A6 configuration, G. M63 mount w/legs in OD green suitable for both ground and vehicle mounting, bullet shield for mounting on tripod. One cradle for AA tripod is desert tan over OD green. There is also a small wooden crate with some more linked .50 cal rounds, some extra links, and some loose rnds. Firing mechanism operates smoothly when cycled by hand, appears fully functional. Evidence that the selector has been moved between “safe” and “semi” only. Specimens in this condition and with this assortment of accessories are scarce. Originally an FN Herstal Minimi, this gun has been converted to this Milspec FN Mk46 Mod 0 designation by the US Machinegun Armory LLC (MGA). Truly an outstanding specimen by RIA after they had perfected their finish and manufacturing process. 4-39383 (15,000-20,000) Have a similar item you want to sell? CONDITION: Overall finish and appearance is as new throughout. 4-39147 JWK2 (12,500-17,500) Have a similar item you want to sell? Emerson with his rifle and another ad with the entire team at Camp Perry with Capt. There is an orig photograph of this same shooting team with Capt. Oak and leather case has brass corners, central medallion, and is newly lined with red cloth, with a leather Purdey label. “1” and “2” in gold on engraved steel tips, respectively. Just by gazing into the forend iron recess, or into the action bar, you realize the incredible craftsmanship that went into the building of this fine pair of guns. Bright on sharp edges, thinning over chamber area, some slight muzzle wear and a few minor nicks and scratches.


THEY WERE FIRST USED BY THE US MARINES DURING WWII IN THE SOUTH PACIFIC AND THEN BY POLICE DEPARTMENTS AROUND THE USA FOR MANY YEARS...• Although we strive for accuracy, we are not responsible for picto ...Click for more info Remington, M-8, .30 REM, MFG 1911-1936, patented by John Browning, 22" bbl, bright shiny bore, good rifling, Parkerized finish, matching numbers, missing magazine spring and follower, wood stock ... Project Rifle or Parts Gun Remington Model 7400 .30-06 has a barrel, receiver, and trigger group. Smooth, gray Parkerized finish on receiver is an attractive contrast to the somewhat darker finish on the bbl. 4-39388 (10,000-15,000) Have a similar item you want to sell? Flash hider does not appear to have been ever used, but there is a neck at the lip of the muzzle, underneath the Parkerized finish. Tripod has brass head and orig brass nameplate still affixed with “Lamson Mfg dated 1942”. Accessories include: one spare bbl wrapped in Cosmoline; ground tripod with T & E mechanism; T3 telescopic sight; combination wrench; broken shell extractor; muzzle/flash hider; bbl carrying handle; linking machine; rubberized gun cover; spare bbl cover; U. Condition of other spare parts is very fine to excellent. Forestock is without grasping grooves as has been noted in early sporters and tool room pieces. Total cost from Winchester less discount was 0.56. Actions are beautifully engraved with nearly full coverage of medium interlocking open shaded scroll with vignettes of game birds on bottoms of actions. “1” portrays a pheasant flushing to the left over a meadow. “2” shows a chukka flushing toward the right, over a similar meadow. Small bow trigger guards are scroll engraved, with SNs inlaid in gold on tangs. Buttplate retains orig blue, silvering on sides and heel and toe. CONDITION: Overall finish and appearance is mint, no evidence of it having ever been fired since re-manufacture of New England parts onto Group Industries receiver. Wood fore end has no handling marks, nor does the composition buttstock. Spare bbl, marked 7-44, has dark black finish, bore is shiny and bright. Firing mechanism functions smoothly when cycled by hand and gun appears fully functional. Bore is excellent shiny and bright out to 4″ of muzzle and then is dark (maybe just grease in the grooves). Firing mechanism operates stiffly, but smoothly as is proper. 99% gray, Parkerized finish on gun, tripod and bbl. T3 optical sight optics are clear & adjustment dials rotate properly. Firing mechanism operates smoothly by hand, mags fit properly in well. Mounted in an orig Armory half stock without reinforcing bolts, with checkered flat pistol grip and a semi-crescent serrated aluminum buttplate identical to others pictured in the referenced publication. It has the hand written instruction for the bolt to be left bright. 29″ Barrels with narrow, flat, solid, matted game ribs are engraved “David Mc Kay Brown (Gunmaker) Ltd. Svelte actions with Dickson type trigger plate lock mechanisms have very finely filed bolsters around top fences, and feature automatic safeties (SAFE inlaid in gold) and single non-selective triggers. Receiver retains most of its orig colors that is fading except in protected areas, worn on bottom, blending with some gray patina. Stock is sound with sharp checkering, normal nicks and scratches and retains most of its orig finish.Click for more info This is a Remington 742 Woodsmaster semi-auto hunting rifle.