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Invite friends to hang out in always-on urban scenes, or chat with entirely new people from down the street and across the world.

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is a multiplayer shooter with a vibrant (and open) chat and messaging system, which could expose kids to just about anything.Although there's a reporting system for objectionable content, players regularly play with and against strangers.Now you can see and hear your developing baby with remarkable 3D ultrasound baby scanning technology in Nova Scotia's most popular 3D Ultrasound clinic.Please feel free to invite up to 8 family members or friends to comfortably join you during your ultrasound session.Note: Mixr is only available to users age 13 and over. There isn't any clue about what's causing the failure or if it's an Internet comparability issue with either speed or if it's even currently available but from what I've seen, some users can access it just fine still.

Your feedback is extremely important in helping us pave the way for new features. Write us a note when you're in Mixr, or email us at [email protected] I also love how we can unlock so many different clothes for our avatars. Is there a way for you to fix this or for us to know of the issue? Also, there is an option not to play online so your child is quite safe. People might curse or try to post sexual sentences, but the good news is that the game does have an option to turn off chat compmetely.Last thing, don't let your child play this if you don't want them to get into shooting games. So i know you may be skeptic about letting your kid play a first person Shooter.Owner/operator Kathy Bethune, RN, RDMS welcomes all past and future clients to 3D Miracles Halifax.With over 28 years of experience in Labour and Delivery, performing clinical high-risk and elective prenatal ultrasounds, and as a prenatal educator at Atlantic Canada's largest Maternity hospital, Kathy's skill and experience are unmatched. Over 14,000 clients, 10 years in business and no mistakes! Should baby not fully cooperate in allowing us to see the necessary parts, we will invite you back for a free repeat session to get the proof we need.Cherish lifelong memories with a CD of images or DVD video now made possible with our elective 3D ultrasound recording technology.