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Of course it makes no sense that the outfits of the kids are based on the outfits their parents wore in their teenage years, but let's not fuss over it as that was the whole point of the drawing to begin with.But anyway, I decided to start with Bianca since she was undoubtedly the most fun during the "alt outfit" project, and Cheren was the easy choice for the husband.

On the other hand, the movie , released February 20th, is a fun and funny reworking of old teen movie tropes. The names of characters and set-up are pretty much the only similarities between the book and the film. Unlike a lot of teen fiction, the book version is quite open about both these topics. This whole event cannot happen in the movie, because the film does not depict or allude to the characters being intimate.

The book discusses issues of teen sexuality and slut-shaming. She has the epiphany that she should not judge the girl because they are both engaging in the same types of behavior.

Spanning some thirty years, you guide the Silent Protagonist from childhood to adulthood as he follows his father's quest for the Legendary Hero.

Along the way, he chooses which of two (or three) beautiful young women to take as his bride: His childhood friend Bianca, the sweet and sheltered Flora / Nera, or Flora/Nera's commanding sister, Debora.

Soon, Bianca’s life is thrown into greater turmoil by her mom asking for a divorce from her father. On the road to the book’s final resolution, Bianca comes to terms with the word D. Bianca Piper (Mae Whitman) is cynical, smart, and self-assured until the day Wesley Rush (Robbie Amell) calls her a D. The full integration of cell phones and viral videos definitely made for a more entertaining film.

As fate would have it, Bianca and Wesley are paired together for a school assignment and quickly develop an intense, but secret, physical relationship. Of course, almost all YA novels have a love triangle, so the entire time she has crush on someone else. [View the Trailer] The set-up is more or less the same. That being said, there were some really great things about the film. I enjoyed this movie as an adult, but as a teen I would have loved it.

Jai and Bianca never officially broke up as of Season 1, however Jai does act on a ceased interest in Bianca and marry Tori instead.

It can be assumed that Bianca left Lucky Palms after the events of Season 1.

Bianca was created among a handful of stereotypical teenagers - the "New Kids on the Block" - to add some drama to Penelope and Jai's generation.

Bianca was Jai's short-term girlfriend; he asked her out in Part 34: New Kids on the Block and was very possessive for the whole night, even going so far as to attack Braden Ramey for dancing with her - then make out with Bianca just to prove a point.

While designing the kids was fun I hadn't yet realised that I was actually planning to draw the father as well, which caused problems since I have next to no experience on drawing men. Anyway I get an A for effort for not just throwing him out of the picture. he can be a gym leader or pokemon teacher or something (never cared for him).