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There are other major factors that add to this culture too.

The agrees, devoting nearly two pages to these matters.

On the specific point of the minister’s performing the ceremony, it concludes, “If a member chooses a partner who is not a member of the Church, the Church hopes that the couple will realize and appreciate that the Seventh-day Adventist pastor, who has covenanted to uphold the principles outlined above, should not be expected to perform such a marriage” (1997 ed., 261).

According to this statement, someone who “has not accepted the truth for this time” (an expression Mrs.

White used for the Adventist message) is an unbeliever, one with whom we should not unite our lives.

The first reason is cultural, the second reason is theological.

As I have mentioned, Adventists have a lot of rules, many of which greatly impact on the practicalities of their lives.This presents a for you; your social circle/network is likely only Adventist.This is made worse if you have grown up in the church.What is the church’s stand on its ministers marrying an Adventist to a non-Adventist?says, “The Seventh-day Adventist Church strongly discourages marriage between a Seventh-day Adventist and a non-Seventh-day Adventist, and strongly urges Seventh-day Adventist ministers not to perform such weddings” (2005 ed., 183)., volume 5, chapter 43, “Marriage With Unbelievers”—a very helpful chapter. Is it someone who does not believe the Christian message at all, or might it also apply to someone who has adopted the Christian faith but not the Adventist message? White addressed this very question: Though the companion of your choice were in all other respects worthy (which he is not), yet he has not accepted the truth for this time; he is an unbeliever, and you are forbidden of heaven to unite yourself with him.