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One unavoidable by-product of fusion is a copious flux of particles called neutrinos.Neutrino detectors on earth do find neutrinos coming from the sun, and the observed flux is of the right order of magnitude, confirming that fusion is actually taking place in the sun.

But when detailed calculations of the expected neutrino flux were confronted with measurements, about 30 years ago, a significant discrepancy was found.

Only about half of the expected neutrinos could be found.

It has been doing so since time immemorial, with no notable changes.

The only reasonable energy source that we know of, that can keep the sun going like that, is nuclear fusion.

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But in the end everyone finds that special someone even if they are million miles away.

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Between 20 Abdeslam worked as a mechanic for STIB, the Belgian state railway, working in a district Brussels.

Abdeslam, his brother Brahim, and other family members ran a number of business ventures together.

There are always methods to break the ice like an email or just talking and sharing each others experiences.