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Her teammates, including Duke, initially dislike "Sebastian" due to his awkward and strange behavior.

Step Up star Channing Tatum and Mean Girl Amanda Seyfried are set to heat up theaters today in the military love story Dear John, and J-14 got the dish about the movie straight from the stars and a glimpse in to their lives! Lasse is the director and you know, he just loves to like play around and I really don't know how we got anything done.

The day MTV News was on set, the onscreen couple were shooting a scene in which they have their first official date.Tatum said the date is "the second time we've seen each other. Amanda Seyfried: The only problems really were just looking behind our backs making sure that none of us were coming around to cause trouble. I think it was a real miracle that we actually got anything done cause we really - we're friendly with Lasse.He's crazy and if he let us we'd just play all day. And the only person he wants to have sex with is his wife, Jenna [Dewan].

I don’t think I’m compatible with anybody I’ve dated. When MTV News was on set with the pair in late 2008, it was clear they are poised to join the ranks of other classic Sparks couples, from films like "A Walk to Remember," "Nights in Rodanthe" and "The Notebook." "My character is Savannah, and she is a Charleston [South Carolina] girl who is on her spring break, and she meets John in the surf," Seyfried said of her character."[I play] a soldier who is on leave for two weeks and meets the girl of his dreams, and has to leave and they have to try to keep their love alive, which does or does not happen," Tatum said, teasing that the film will keep fans guessing about whether John and Savannah can make it work.All of a sudden you're having an argument about nothing and it's really just that you miss the person so much and I absolutely think these relationships can work, you just have to really want it. I think that in a society today that -- we're over fifty percent with divorce rates, you know -- it's rare to find love and to make it work. Channing, it turns out, is quite the prankster — because of course he is.I think it gets painful and it's really funny the things that you -- with the person not being there -- what it does to you.