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In Peak Season, we dive deep into the year when a long-running show reached its high point.

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The sole exception is Peter, who died as a child in the prime universe, leading a heartbroken Walter to cross over to the parallel universe and kidnap that version of his son, having generated a cure for Peter’s mysterious ailment.

That fateful choice tore a hole in the fabric of space and time, triggering dangerous instabilities in the parallel universe and sparking a war between the two worlds, as well as the two versions of the Fringe Division tasked with keeping their respective universes intact.

Despite our unabashed fangirling the last time we hung out with Joshua Jackson, Zap2it was invited back to the “Fringe” set to once again chat with Jackson and co-star Anna Torv about the shocking turn that the series has taken in Season 3.

In last week’s premiere episode, we watched sadly as Olivia was brainwashed into believing that she is actually Alternate-Olivia. “In the script it’s always Bolivia,” Jackson tells us, “But my opinion is that we should allow the people who watch the show to name her.

“The [real] Olivia is more emotionally closed off and sort of just-the-facts, whereas [Bolivia] is sort of off the cuff.

That’s closer to Peter’s personality, so there’s a more natural mesh between those two people.

, Fox's little sci-fi show that could, is coming to an end.

And the show isn't resting on its laurels in its fifth and final season.

“It starts off absolutely as this mission,” Torv says of their romance.

“She’s got her own life and her own lover too, but slowly as they kind of embark on this thing, I think it’s difficult for her.

“It’s not that Peter’s consciousness is anywhere,” executive producer Jeff Pinkner offered. While everyone else is having fun playing alternates, Jackson is happy to have the time off — though he’d still welcome the opportunity to do double-time on the show. “I don’t know that Peter’s ever going to have an alternate,” his portrayer said.