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But I feel like all the sadness has already passed because we haven't been filming for so long, so now it's a matter of excitement. By the end of it, he's burned down the school, he's this entitled rich kid who's obsessive and weird and manipulative. Summer TV Homework: 12 shows to catch up on before the fall Will the ending satisfy fans? It was such an incredibly long scene, six pages, and it was hard to not crack each other up.

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But in this newly posted Instagram, she’s even blonder.

And it looks incredible, click inside and see for yourself.

"I can say the ending tragic for Ben," Baumann tells Do you have a favorite story line or scene from over the years?

"I was really satisfied when I read the final few scenes and especially when they were shot on set. But it's a more ambiguous ending, it's not a fairy tale, but I think it's perfect." How does it feel going into the final episode? I remember when the first season was airing, so it's kind of surreal. In the first season he was earnest and a single-minded high school freshman who wanted to lose his virginity. Baumann: Daren and I had a "sort of" fight scene that was hilarious.

In doing so, she defies the very nature of her 'It Girl' status.

She's fiercely independent and follows her intuition in all aspects of life, especially when it comes to her career.

Amy first confides in her two best friends Lauren and Madison about it.

Amy also tells Ben (the guy she started dating after becoming pregnant) the truth, but he is surprisingly supportive and offers to marry her anyway, despite the protests of his friends Henry and Alice.

I was up at San Francisco State studying business management and I kind of couldn't find my niche in anything.

My heart wasn't into baseball anymore, and that's the reason I went up there, so it was the time to really find out what I wanted to do.

Shailene Woodley is an acclaimed young talent who marches to the beat of her own, unique drum.