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The key is to keep the date light, active and fun and no dwelling on the disability (that should remain a moot issue if you're in the beginning stages of relationship anyways).

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While your first experience with Adoring Allies left much to be desired, it didn’t stop you from taking a chance on the next card you swiped right on: Women’s March Advocates.You had a lot in common with them and even shared some of the same Facebook friends. Their pictures were what drew you in; there were women of all colors and the men that had supported them.What flew under the radar were all the things it negatively affected at the same time.Here are the pros and cons of getting tipsy while meeting women: Pros: I’d be lying to say alcohol doesn’t help in some areas. And while you can use some of those benefits to your advantage, the cons will always hinder your game.She has a C6 spinal cord injury from a diving accident when she was 14 years old. She's been the SCI Life columnist for New Mobility magaz...

So you've met someone amazing who just happens to use a wheelchair and the last thing you want is take them on a mediocre date where they can't be fully involved. While running a 5k and rock-climbing may be out of the question, there are thankfully of fun, no incredibly fun, date ideas that are enjoyable for both parties.

All around, alcohol is supposed to make meeting women easier.

In actuality, it often makes us dependent and afraid to be without it. For a while when going out, I drank a little too much because it made talking to girls less intimidating.

We make excuses and say that we need to learn how to crawl before we can walk and run and, while that may be true, we tend to take things too far because of the alluring warmth of the comfort zone. The guy who relies on alcohol ends up being dependent on it to talk to women. The end result of that path is even more pathetic than the guy who gets totally smashed one time and ends up hitting on all the bartenders.

In the context of picking up women, there are many “confidence crutches” that we men tend to rely on too much and, in the long run, it definitely hurts us when it comes to actually getting good at the game of flirting, dating, and seduction. We all know why you take that double-shot of Jager or that Tequila Slammer before you even think about approaching that hottie over there across the bar. A man who relies on anything external like alcohol to do something as basic as talking to a woman is not really a man at all. Force yourself to go out and hit on women where you will definitely not drink.

I’ve seen too many guys lose the girl because they come off as the drunk party guy rather than just the fun exciting guy.