Bloglines updating dating while separated in texas

That led me to ask if there was a way possible to rank blogs based on actual readership. Traffic stats can easily be manipulated to look great through repeated clicking. For many libraries, you select a link on the library home page to use the online catalog.

Another annoying thing was I had to go through all of my clipped posts on bloglines to cull links I want to keep.

I suppose at least with Google, there’s less chance they’ll disappear on me at some future date, so there’s that.

In particular, they tend to lag in serving new articles and in updating their feeds when an article has been revised.

Google Reader was always astonishingly fast at both of those.

:/ ETA: I finally noticed the “show new items” option. In the tutorial post, I promised I would add pictures eventually. Here you go, if you would like to see pictures of my rope bag, which, I might add, is *still in use* after only minor repairs over the years. Too bad it’s past party season now, but I just unearthed this picture and had to post it. We thought that we’d invented them, but, of course, a Google search proves otherwise. Procrastinating from unpacking by messing with craftlog.

Thank goodness, since it was very annoying to scroll into the past every time. We got the taste for these on a visit to Hawaii last summer, and now we make them at home every so often (get a mold if you can find one; it works so much better). I finally made a banner and updated my blogfriends links.

The classic version of Bloglines (which some feel had stagnated of late) will still be available for some time while new features are being tested on the beta version.

Bloglines has just released a new beta version of its feed reader, with plenty of new features and more to come.

Button image credit goes to monkey123 on Flickr, who posted the image under creative commons.

Brief rant interlude: I’ve been using bloglines beta version, which, I believe, was launched over 2 years ago.

Looks like bloglines is finally being put out of its misery, so I moved everything over to Google reader this morning.