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It is always hard to summarize how truly great the show is in such a short time frame.

The situation is very similar to Jim Rome is Burning.

The radio shows are infinitely better than the television shows will ever be.

At least Bob and Tom is the live recording of the radio show, Jim Rome's show is simply a regurgitation.

"The Reporter Who Knew Too Much" focuses on the career and death of What's My Line? Most of us have been to a concert, not many of us have made it a career. Most of you are familiar with therapist, keynote speaker, professor and former stand up comedian Dr. He was the first guest I ever had on my podcast and you may have heard him on one of his many visits to The Bob and Tom... I have to admit this show has a little bit of something for everyone and a lot of something for a few.

This show will bring you interviews from people you may have heard of before and people who you may not know, but all of them have a story.

If you have something to add to the show or would like to contact Kristi, find all the contact information at Kristi Lee My love for comedy and wonderful comedians continues with my guest this week the talented Carmen Lynch. What transpired may be a surprise to hard core Kiss fans or classic rock fans of GNR. First show back from the Spring Break/Leg Break saga and who better than to have as a guest than Marilene Isaacs Kauffman.

Her professional credits include: Conan, Inside Amy Shumer, The Late Show with David Letterman and more. Marilene is a natural healer, and intuitive counselor (psychic the old term). I planned to have a new show ready this week; however, due to my leg, a new cast (pictured), and probably a bit of the meds, I'm revisiting my talk with Marc Maron in a Bloomington hotel room. If you have a find you would like assistance in identifying email me a picture and description of the find and we will post it on this site for you, If you want to mail me a picture for scanning contact me via email and I will give you the address to send the picture to. It has some of a tint to it like it can be copper or bronze.. The woman statue is about 8 feet tall and turtle statue is about 3 feet. Michael says: Found this in a old house I cleaned out it was in the ww2 vets belongings,none magnetic, I believe it's silver has a u,small heart, swastika,and what appears to be a four leaf clover on it no other markings and I believe it's a cuff I have a few spoons with the Christofle mark inside the lip of the bowl. I've taken so many pictures of it that my brain is frazzled and near to just deleting any and all aspects of these spoons! I used a macro lens and have made sure the pix are as you would view them (in the same direction as the Christofle mark). THNX FOR EVERYTHING Thomas Caffall says: That would appear to be a plumb bob. Attached is a photo of one MATT SAYS: I found these in my local river and am interested to see what they are. Description of picture 2 and 3: A flat, metal coin with what seems to be oriental symbols. If someone identifies your item or provides you with helpful information, please take a moment to say Thank You! This is a new subdivision and prior it was just a field.. The bottom, or smaller end, hole should be threaded. The top is also threaded and a cap screws on there with a hole for the string.Anyone who has ever heard the Bob and Tom Show on the radio knows that it is impossible to bottle the essence and nuances in the format of a television show.Being able to see the hosts of the show and numerous comedians is nice, but not at all needed to truly get the true spirit of the radio show.Her professional credits include: Conan, Inside Amy Shumer, The Late Show with David Letterman and more.