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Although they are known for their romances, bookworms and geeks can also stake their claim to being the best lovers.

Bookworms and geeks are cultured, they are excellent communicators, and they are widely-read, thus can take on any topic.

Leary’s employees were instructed to leave patrons alone unless their assistance was requested. 9 Text Books used at the Jefferson Medical College, 1911-1912.

Because of its large inventory and cheap prices, Leary’s developed a national reputation and attracted prominent figures such as U. Senator Charles Sumner and writer/reformer Horace Greeley. 9 Reminders for school and college text books, 1934-1935. 9 Desirable Books on Many Subjects (2 copies), undated. 9 A Catalogue on Books on Various Subjects (2 copies), undated. 9 Leary’s Medical and Surgical Book Department, undated. 10 Postcards of the stained glass portrait of the Book Worm on the second floor of the store (4 copies), undated.

In addition to selling and buying books, Leary expanded his base of operations by venturing into the publishing business in the 1850s. took over the book store business from his father in 1865. 9 Books for the physician and surgeon (3 copies), undated. 9 Medical, Surgical, Dental Veterinary, Biology and the Allied Sciences, 1918-1919. 9 Standard Sets, Art, and Architecture (3 copies), undated. 9 Catalogue of Second-Hand and New Theological Books (3 copies), undated. 9 Interesting Book News: Exceptional Values in Attractive Books-Many For Gift Giving (2 copies), undated. 11 Window display photographs taken by photographer De’Lardi from the , undated. 34 Sales record book, 1906 September-1913 December. 38 Sales record book (sales material pertaining to 1895 in back of book), 1895, 1922 January-1931. 40 Sales record book; comparisons made with 1916, 1932 January-1942 January.

Even so, you need to woo them in a different way as the tried-and-tested wining and dining may not always work. Ask for book recommendations If like your crush, you too love burying your nose in a book, you are probably on the right track.

But if you aren’t a reader, you can give it a shot.

Check out these totally sweet and funny things you’ll to relate to if you’re attracted to people who read.

Many will argue that nothing quite compares to reading a good book.

Let them talk about books Let them welcome you to their beautiful world of books.

Even if you don’t really get them, watch their eyes light up when they talk to you about their favourite authors, books, characters, stories, poems, and the list is endless.

He established a sidewalk book stall on North Second Street which attracted a large clientele because of its close proximity to the Old Market. 59 Mail order book, 1945 November 29-1947 April 18. 61 Mail order book, 1948 August 16-1949 September 27.

As business prospered, Leary moved to several different locations, finally settling at 138 North Second Street which was right next door to the Camel Tavern, a landmark in Philadelphia. 62 Mail order book, 1949 September 28-1950 November 14.

When you’re a book lover, falling head over heels for a fellow bookworm can make you feel like you’ve wandered straight into a romance novel.