Cant remove old updating log file Sex chat without any restriction

However, if you find you're running into problems or would like to downgrade to a previous version, the following steps and video should help.SQL Server allows to use more than one transaction log file, but the question arises whether it is necessary and what is the benefit of having multiple transaction log files.Delete the old red and blue shield icon for Legacy 7.5 or earlier from your Desktop screen and Start menu.8.

However, as we mentioned, sometimes more than one log file may be required.

.• If you have an earlier version of Legacy Family Tree and then installed the current version of Legacy: NOTE: Both the new and earlier version of Legacy are on your computer; however, the Programs and Features (Add/Remove Programs) tool in the Control Panel will display only the current version of Legacy.

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Your computer will notify you that Legacy can’t be found and ask you if you want to delete any references to it.

Click Yes.6 If you never plan to use Legacy again, delete the old Legacy folder at C:\Legacy.7.

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