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The app covers a broad range of topics with a keen focus on quality across many different medical disciplines.The problem that many in the medical field face is that sources of credible information are extremely hard to come by online, therefore in the past it’s been a tiresome process of searching through textbooks, case studies and other documents from multiple sources as opposed to having one reliable source to work from that isn’t the haphazard results from a Google search.

It is important to always be on the cutting-edge of your industry to push yourself as a professional and offer the absolute best services you possible can to your patients, partners and staff.

The entire healthcare industry is being disrupted by the introduction of new technology that aims to improve the processes in which medical professionals connect with patients, the flow of information among the medical community and the way in which treatment is applied to patients.

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Driven by regulations, growing demand for healthcare services, and a drive for greater efficiency, healthcare companies are striving to remake themselves to deliver products and services efficiently, securely, and cost-effectively — and in the process improve the overall quality of care.

The key to making that transition is attracting, retaining, and retraining top technical talent.

Is your organization's workforce prepared for the changes rippling through the industry?And it's competing with other industry sectors for the staff needed to complete that transition. Halamka, CIO of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Chairman of the New England Healthcare Exchange Network (NEHEN), will describe the scope of mobile device challenges in healthcare.Make sure your organization doesn't get left behind by not having the skilled technical staff it needs. Interested in learning more about how the Tech Leader Training Partner Program can help your organization?The majority of the following sites and apps are geared specifically for physicians although a few focus on connecting nurses, medical students and more.All have been selected due to their quality formats, user friendly features, and an already established base of membership: Professionals in the healthcare field are some of the busiest people around and likely find the virtually instantaneous connections provided through various social networks for doctors invaluable.Most doctors and healthcare providers have less free time than others and may not be regulars on social media sites like Facebook, yet in many cases, contact with their peers and colleagues is a critical factor when problem solving and working to find the best solution for patients.