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ANN ARBOR—We've seen the headlines about young people being bullied by boyfriends or girlfriends through digital means such as the Internet and smartphones.

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The present study provides one of the first empirical investigations of adolescent dating aggression (ADA) in Britain.The survey found almost half of sampled boys, and more than half of sampled girls, experienced psychological, physical and/or sexual aggression.The mental and physical health costs associated with dating aggression costs the United States over 6 billion dollars a year (Olsen, Parra, & Bennett, 2010).It is important to be aware of these potentially harmful behaviors so we can help the young people in our lives identify when they may be at risk.The study, "Technology-Delivered Dating Aggression: Risk and Promotive Factors and Patterns of Associations Across Violence Types Among High-Risk Youth," is online in the Violence and Gender Journal.

The research was conducted through the U-M School of Public Health Michigan Youth Violence Prevention Center in the Department of Health Behavior and Health Education.About 48.1% of participants reported TDA in the past 2 months. Youth reporting TDA were more likely to report physical dating violence and community violence exposure.TDA is not an isolated occurrence and is positively associated with in-person violence among adolescents.Young people are more vulnerable to dating aggression in their first few relationships, with nearly a quarter of youth reporting dating aggression.Experiencing dating aggression is linked to many negative outcomes for youth including depression, physical health complaints, and substance use (Haynie et al., 2013; Connolly et al., 2010).Increasingly, technology (text, e-mail, and social media) is being used in dating relationships to stalk, control, threaten, and harass dating partners.