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By simply inputting your flight number, you can find compatible fliers in the airport, on your airplane, and even get in touch with others headed to the same destination.

While Wingman may kindle genuine relationships (and help indoctrinate new members into the Mile High Club), Whaley’s vision for the app goes far beyond the transatlantic hook-up.

So, you've been getting that itch lately -- you know the one.

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Here are our favorites: Ventoura is like the Tinder of travel, without all the creepy guys.Ventoura helps match you with other people travelling in the area of your destination, as well as locals who are willing to show you around.Depending on your airline, an airborne brand of speed dating may already be available to you.Last year, Virgin America debuted their “seat to seat” feature, making it possible for passengers to send a text message—or a drink—to the attractive young professional in 36A. Before the plane even takes off, passengers can scope out their potential seatmates on various social platforms, and plan their seating assignments accordingly.Your new boo has asked what you think about a cross country trip on a motorbike.

Pretend like you met on a biker dating site and this is a natural 1 date.

Gabe Whaley, who founded the much-anticipated “social discovery” app, Wingman [debuting this summer], believes that airports and airplanes are the best-case-scenario places for meeting like-minded people.

“You’re all going somewhere,” he said, forging automatic mutual interests and common ground.

I know I’m smart, I know I’m well traveled, and I think I’m hilarious, so put that all together and you’ll get one really real girl who grimaces at the thought of pretending to be cute and flirty on a first date.

Feed me some wine though and it’s a totally different story.

“Well, she’s bi-coastal, she’s in real estate, and you’re always traveling.” I scoffed as my face scrunched into resting-bitch-mode, thinking, “You’re damn f*cking right I’m always traveling.” After my brain stopped registering the comment as a quasi-compliment, it started wondering what in the hell this guy was talking about. Second of all, I have no idea how being bi-coastal or in Real Estate translates to undateable, and third of all, if guys prefer girls who don’t travel, then sign me up for the lifetime singles program. Either way, I don’t have any regrets, and I’ll continue to keep traveling, but I can’t help but wonder if this is why that random guy said what he did.