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: There I was, after 10 years, well, 12, to be precise.So after 12 years of absence and in spite of my fear, I was going to visit them.About: Gaspard Ulliel Tracking: #Gaspard Ulliel Established: February 2015 Theme by: Graziella I claim no credit for any media posted on this blog unless stated otherwise.

For Gaspard Ulliel and Gaelle Pietri, their love is not to be lost soon.

The French model turned actor, a very popular figure amongst his French countrymen, and the ever so hot Gaelle have been dating for quite some time and it looks like the couple is not in mood to stop anytime soon.

In life there a number of motivations that are no one's business, that force you to leave without looking back.

And there are just as many motivations that force you to return. Announce it in person, and try to give the others and myself one last time, the illusion...

I began at twelve years old, but in fact I began really by chance.

It was a friend of a friend of my mother's who was opening an agency, and she was looking for young kids.In 1950s France, Gabrielle is a passionate, free-spirited woman who is in a loveless marriage and falls for another man when she is sent away to the Alps to treat her kidney stones.Gabrielle yearns to free herself and run away with André.The French couple has been one of the most loved duo of their country and are repeatedly seen hanging out together.From various outlets in France, to their exotic trip to the azure islands of the great country of Greece, they have been pictured at all sorts of places.After 12 years of absence, Louis (Gaspard Ulliel), a writer, goes back to his hometown, planning on announcing his upcoming death to his family.