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(Read more.) Uniquely, we found that the amount of affection you express your partner best predicts your satisfaction.This suggests that expressing, compared to receiving, affection accounts for different relational benefits.I wanted to share these ideas with you that are creative ways to show your affection without getting into that danger zone.

In another study, I examined how affection relates to .Specifically, I wanted to discover whether affection might lead to enhanced responses to partners’ mistakes.When things are starting off, and we're not sure where we stand, a touch can mean, and change, everything.How he responds to your taking of his hand, your hand on his shoulder, leg, or neck, can tell you all you need to know. Some guys are claspers instead of interweavers when it comes to hand-holding (for the record, I'm an interweaver).But inevitably over time this passion can begin to disintegrate, leaving couples lacking affection.

In order to keep the passion strong and show your partner that you care about them, it’s important you find ways of showing affection in your everyday lives.This is a good one especially if you ultimately marry.Then his/her favorite meal you’ll know like the back of your hand and can whip up anytime. after using his/her car and leave a pack of favorite gum, mints, or candy on the console. When my husband and I were dating, he lived in Atlanta and I lived in Connecticut.Other guys think that holding hands is cheesy, or embarrassing, and they're more likely to go for an arm-link.And there's also the chance that he's not ready for public hand-holding yet, but in private he's ready to clutch until your heart's content.We based this claim on our findings that affectionate communication was related to relational investment.