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Only 40 minutes drive from Bergen Airport and Bergen City.By car you will only use 40 minutes to the Airport or Bergen City.

Or even better; Drive to Arna Train station, a 20 minutes drive.

Park there for free, and take the train the 8 minutes it takes to go to Bergen.

Interested in Norwegian Farming, History and Nature? On this farm that at situated around 2 minutes drive from Askeland Farm, we rent out this lovely house. It has a very special atmosphere and you can feel the peace flow into your vains. Here they made all the food and it kept the house warm. The Sundland is probably farm is not so old, “just” a few hundred years, maybe, but earlier they moved the houses when moving to a new area. The museum is planning to come and take a carbon-14 dating here.

During some days in Summer, you will be able to watch the harvest season too. We think we have the best place you can imagine staying at.

If you want to pass along the love, you can send a free Tu B’Av ecard to your special someones, designed by contest winner, Rachel Scheer.

And isn’t a Day of Love the perfect time for a Kiss-In?Tutu elu dzâtsi câ theoria tsi urdinâ câ dacianjlji suntu parti di popullu trakianu shi câ suntu naima multsâ tu Haemus, nu easti dealithea shi câ aestâ theorii vini di la apridutsearea alâthusitâ alu Herodot.Ti amârtilji, tinjisitlu a nostru isturianu di arâzgâ armâneascâ nu adutsi vârâ nauâ, tu tsi mutreashti popullu armânescu.Atselji cari s-aprukearâ naima multu di armânji, xenji icâ di-a noshtsâ, furâ filoloyi icâ etnoloyi.Ptsânji isturianji s-aplicarâ ma sânâtosu tu etili tricuti.And that, they say, could be the key to their success. Vanessa will tell you she is the practical one who sets their itineraries, takes the calls and, when it comes to their music, comes up with the melodies. She's also the creative one and "that goes for the lyrics too”.