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Compared to the average of California counties, Fresno County is economically disadvantaged in that there is a higher percentage of person below the poverty level and a much lower median household income.

[13] According to Shelter Listings, there are 27 homeless shelters and supportive housing centers listed in Fresno, CA.

More recently there have been critiques of local governments' failed efforts to address homelessness. One quick example is how DC Government claimed it couldn't find developers for the .8M federal HOME grant that DC just gave back unused -- a claim by government that should be juxtaposed with info about DC Gov's constant dealings with developers (some of whom sit on the ICH).

The Lunch Date Adam Davidson (1989)This Oscar-winning short film tells the story of a woman whose goal is to catch a train.The story is simple and is done with little dialogue.[9] 27.5% of homeless individual from Fresno and Madera Counties received shelter while totals for Contra Costa and Kern Counties were approximately double of that, at 64.5% and 58.6% respectively.[10, 11] Given comparable median household income and percentage of persons below the poverty line to that of Kern County, Fresno and Madera Counties are addressing the issue of unsheltered homelessness at a slower pace.These ideas are built on improved reporting on homelessness 1 -- Coverage should acknowledge the irrefutably unacceptable backdrop against which various public figures speak of homelessness -- the overtones and undertones of statements made by politicians, government officials and other reporters.

These tones include but are not limited to racism, classism and stereotypes about poor people and Blacks.Use a couple good, well-lit photographs that are in focus. It's fine to have a couple pictures of you with friends or family, but if every photo shows a bunch of people, it's hard to pick you out of the crowd. If, for example, riding a motorcycle is a big part of your life and you want to showcase that, it's fine to include a picture of your bike. I can't count how many profiles I've seen that have pictures of food, sunsets, scenery, pools, pets, etc. If you want everyone to see your dog, be in the picture with the dog.Use photo editing software like (It's free and awesome! But don't airbrush your wrinkles away, erase that double-chin, or obliterate 20 pounds. After all, you're planning on meeting people one day, right? If you use pictures of multiple people in it, clarify which one is you in the caption.12. Yes, I'm sure you did look better 10 years ago, but guess what! But be in the picture with that motorcycle because potential dates want to see you! The Grand Canyon - lovely, but be in the picture with that beautiful scenery.20. I've found that most people are pretty wrapped up in looks and want to know what they're getting into before initiating any communication.It starts off with a wealthy white woman, hurrying through a train station.The audience sees that she has tickets, and therefore understands that the character’s goal will be to board a train.[15] The City of Fresno and County of Fresno adopted the “10-Year Plan to End Chronic Homelessness” in August 2008 with a “housing first” approach.