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Nigerian fans, however, are not happy about this relationship at all!

A report from a Nigerian Blog, Pulse, revealed that a lot of readers from that country, who are also fans of the Oliver Twist star, have spoken out against the new relationship.

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You can tell Stuart Broad's girlfriend Bealey Mitchell is a lingerie model can't you? We have to say as we sit snacking in the Fashion Finder office, we are overcome with guilt...better put that snack down if we want to look like Bealey! It's got a distinctly summery feel to it and the gem detail gives it serious bling.With summer just around the corner, our thoughts are turning to bikini buys. If you're feeling Bealey's beach babe look, then we've found some fabulous tropical bandeaus below to help your emulate her with minimal hassle. (By Senate Potiane) Bonang and D’Banj have been dating for less than a week (officially, at least) and there’s already controversy.Who would Nigerian readers prefer to see D’Banj with?One thing about mama’s boys is they know how to treat women.

Guys who are close to their moms are normally sweet, sensitive, understanding, and generous. They have an unbreakable bond that goes way above the normal once or twice a week phone call. He’s sweet and attentive, but a few weeks into your new relationship, you realize he’s a total mama’s boy. Here are the 5 things you need to know before you start dating a mama’s boy.1. It sounds obvious I know, but it’s something so many women underestimate. He’s crazy about her and she’s just as nuts about him.Most of them seem to believe that D’Banj should be dating a fellow Nigerian star.If you follow their industry, Genevieve Nnaji, a local singer, is someone they would prefer to see D’Banj dating What’s even more interesting is that Genevieve is actually D’Banj’s ex-girlfriend from years ago! BOM offers the standard features one would expect from a dating site.