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If the government gives schools a mandate to test more, then the schools had better give more tests.

People who work for the Peace Corps have a mandate to help various countries with things like getting clean drinking water.

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This expansion was accompanied by broader requirements for reporting abuse: previously reports were only submitted when an incident caused serious physical injury, but as the definitions changed, more minor physical injuries and developmental and psychological trauma began to be included as well.

Overall, the total number of substantiations in Australia has nearly doubled since 2001 (1.77 times higher) but have shown a slight downward trend since 2005-06.

Political sense of "approval supposedly conferred by voters to the policies or slogans advocated by winners of an election" is from 1796. Related: A command or an expression of a desire, especially by a group of voters for a political program.

Politicians elected in landslide victories often claim that their policies have received a mandate from the voters.

if we broaden accountability systems beyond test scores and schools are required to look at these other things, then the public and parents will start looking at them, and there's a better chance that schools will start providing these kinds of things," said Megan Wolfe, advocacy manager for ASCD, an organization that has pushed for so-called "multimetric accountability." But as states put a largely untested policy idea into practice on such a large scale, implementation is everything.

If states select indicators that can't be accurately measured or influenced by schools, or if they fail to provide schools with the resources they need to carry out new mandates, the indicator requirement could lead to unintended consequences or pushback from educators, K-12 groups and researchers have warned.If states select the right indicators and the right methods of measuring and tracking them, the changes could provide schools with a more nuanced view of student success and equity, supporters said."Since we know that what gets measured gets delivered, …Mandated reporters may include paid or unpaid people who have assumed full or intermittent responsibility for the care of a child, dependent adult, or elder.which helped doctors identify child abuse, its effects, and the need to report serious physical abuse to legal authorities.As one bioethicist has observed in advocating for a mandatory choice model for living wills, "while all Americans should have a right to decide how they want their lives to end, it does not follow that they should be able to avoid confronting such a choice." One of the first considerations of mandated choice appeared in Great Britain's Gore Report, a 1989-1990 study funded by the British Department of Health.