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Projected stats for the rest of the season as calculated by Steamer, which uses past performance and aging trends to develop a future projection for players.

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Generally people not paying for a service are not going to take it as serious.

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Whether you agree with the ending or not, the vast majority of the fans were not pleased.

“Dexter” spoilers trickled in a few weeks ago that Showtime was planning on bringing the show back with one change—Michael C.

Hall would not agree to reprise the role of Dexter Morgan. How could they have “Dexter” on air without Michael C Hall? After negotiating for what seemed like several years, reports have surfaced that Michael C Hall has agreed to reprise the role of Dexter for two more seasons.

The writing team and production staff have scrambled for years trying to piece together the best way to resurrect Dexter, and appease the fans.

Selected to the National League All-Star Team as the starting centerfielder in San Diego, but did not play due to injury...

Set a career-high with a .393 on-base percentage, ranking 6th in the National League...The city-country duo’s been seen together during Fashion Week at Tom Ford’s show and dinner at the former Four Seasons Restaurant space that’s being taken over by art collector Aby Rosen.They were also together at a Free Arts NYC auction.During his free nights, Dexter leads a double-life, chasing and killing murderers and collecting samples of their blood, or dating Rita Bennett. After executing a pedophile and a rapist (who have killed their victims), Dexter investigates an intriguing serial killer that drains the blood and freezes the severed bodies of his victims. Homered in his first at-bat off the disabled list at MIL (7/22), becoming the first Cub to homer in his first at-bat following a D. stint of at least 30 days since Sammy Sosa in 1992...