Documenting tracking and updating software licenses

For software vendors, today's economic climate means effective licensing management software is more important than ever.Adapting to changing market needs or competitive pressure with a new pricing model keeps revenue streams going.

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Many organizations have legal or new product introduction requirements that require software engineering teams to provide documentation on the use of third-party components. Using the Dependency-Track database as the sole source of evidence, the system will check the National Vulnerability Database (NVD) to determine if the components contain known vulnerabilities.Dependency-Track embeds OWASP Dependency-Check, a tool used to automatically identify components and determine if they contain known vulnerabilities.But as the number of pricing models expands, software product managers face a growing challenge: how to remain nimble but effectively manage the complexities of licensing software and ensure that entitlements for maintenance and support are managed efficiently as well.Effective software license management enables you to unlock revenue, reduce cost while providing the highest quality of service and customer experience.Atlassian automatically sends a no-obligation quote 90 days before the maintenance is to expire on a license.

You can request a quote at any time; see this FAQ for more details.

While you may currently have a home-grown solution to manage software licensing management technology and entitlements, be watchful that your home-grown software does not become expensive to maintain or an obstacle to quickly adapting to changing licensing schemes, new business models, or different markets.

Or seek out alternatives that include these best practices: White Paper 10 Reasons to Buy a Software Licensing & Entitlement Management Solution This white paper explores the top 10 reasons why most application producers choose to buy COTS software licensing and entitlement management technology to support their Software Monetization strategy.

To get version information for a license key: parameters are optional.

If they are omitted, the latest version information will be retrieved but no download link will be included.

Over the last several years, organizations have faced a growing trend on the number of vulnerabilities reported due to the use of vulnerable third-party components.