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Seamless integration with Adobe Creative Cloud means you can work with other desktop apps like Photoshop and Lightroom.Photoshop Mix integrates seamlessly with Creative Cloud so you can open and edit your Photoshop files and Lightroom images on your mobile device, make edits using powerful features like Upright and Content-Aware Fill, and export your work to Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC if you want to take your creations further. Instead, it’s hacked bits off of it and smushed them into focused apps that nonetheless provide photographers with plenty of power at their fingertips.

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You can paint on the canvas with all kinds of brush and media types, add shapes and text, create and blend layers, and mess around with crazy distortions if one of your photos is otherwise unsalvageable. Pixelmator’s got you covered there, too, with its collage, card, frame, and poster templates.

Download Pixelmator for i OS (£4.99)Speaking of Photoshop, Adobe’s decided against bringing its desktop giant to mobile.

We need the Designs so we can send the files to Print.

the laundry already have some prints on the walls of the washer machines and they what them replaced with a new and cool design .

Państwo ma możliwość rozmieścić swoją ankietę, realizować wyszukiwanie, przesyłać i otrzymywać wiadomości całkowicie bezpłatnie, my nie wyświadczamy żadnych płatnych usług.