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It's a very powerful feature and a fundamental part of relational databases since you can modify a huge number of records at one time.Understanding and using Update Queries improves the performance of your applications (versus doing the same changes manually or in code), and makes them easier to maintain.

When you view the datasheet of a Select query, you can edit the results and your changes are saved in the underlying table.This works even when the query returns records from more than one table.UPDATE tbl Address INNER JOIN tbl Zip Codes ON [tbl Address].[Zip Code] = [tbl Zip Codes].[Zip Code] SET [tbl Address].[City] = [tbl Zip Codes].[City], [tbl Address].[State] = [tbl Zip Codes].[State] WHERE ([Country] = 'US') Note: This doesn't work if you're in an ADP since those queries run on SQL Server which doesn't know VBA syntax. They allow you to perform a wide variety of very powerful analysis and actions.From the Access designer, you can interactively create a query and specify its type: Update Query Option when Designing Queries in MS Access 2013 Update Query Option when Designing Queries in MS Access 20 Update Queries let you modify the values of a field or fields in a table.

You can specify the records to modify by applying a filter (WHERE clause) and linking the table to other tables and queries.

The updated value can be: UPDATE is useful when you want to change many records or when the records that you want to change are in multiple tables. The following example increases the Order Amount values by 10 percent and the Freight values by 3 percent for shippers in the US: In this example, the Contacted field is incremented by one if the record has Called = True.

Each contact may have a different value in its Contacted field depending on how many times it was contacted in the past.

Set the option "Value for Edit Top Rows command" to 0.

It'll now allow you to view and edit the entire table from the context menu.

Unfortunately, there are situations where the query results are not updateable.