Excel formulas are delayed updating totals

Taken to extremes, this tactic can impede file responsiveness, making everything you do in the offending worksheet run slowly, including navigating through the document.

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Please note that I am not able to share some of the files you emailed as they contained personal / sensitive data.

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Center Across Selection is in the Horizontal drop-down.] Hidden rows and columns create problems because, well, they're hidden!

You can't consider what you can't see, but Excel can still evaluate all that data.

Diagnosing these conditions may lead you to unexpected solutions.

When you work in a Microsoft Excel file into which you plan to enter or paste large amounts of information, it's tempting to apply formatting to entire rows and columns of empty cells before you enter data.Merged cells can help you arrange values in a meaningful way, but they come with problems — numerous problems.For instance, Excel won't apply column formats to a merged cell unless you select all the columns that comprise the merge.In addition, not all cell formats stick once you unmerge a cell. You can't even select a single-column range if there's a merged cell in it — go ahead, try!Don't hesitate to use merged cells if you really need them, but they To apply this format in the Ribbon versions, you'll need to launch the Alignment group dialog and click the Alignment tab.This function is not intrinsic to Excel; it is part of the Analysis Tool Pak.