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This track got started a few months back when Fefe, Yelawolf, and Klever were hanging out in New York.

Be sure to grab your copy as it is up for free download and check out Klever’s Twitter and Instagram to keep up with what he’s into.

album, Rihanna, the dance hall singer metamorphosed into a rock star before the delighted eyes of her fans.

While 18-year-old Gomez slipped into an array of revealing outfits during the course of the evening, Justin stuck to his guns, donning a retro T-shirt with a printed picture of Saved By The Bell Nineties pin-up Tiffani Thiessen.

You'd have thought the 17-year-old would have been too young to be a fan of the American teen sitcom - but that didn't stop him wearing the top, which showed Thiessen in character as high school student Kelly Kapowski.

& Cast - Whatsername Full Cast - Good Riddance Behind the Sessions Rebecca Naomi Jones is a goddess, and it's awesome to have recordings of Libby Winters as Heather!

Source It's hysterical to me because back when we were doing shows in school he had some major singing and dancing at the same time issues. Cot damn.' She's like, 'But no, you have to meet this girl. It was hateful, it was happiness, it was sadness, it was bitterness, it was lust… Summer of '95 was considered a record breaking summer in New York; One of the hottest summer in New York. It's like seeing or hearing something and your third eye opens.""I'll put it like this: Adam and Eve, from the bible, were running around the Garden of Eden naked. ' I felt that each time, but there are moments [where] it was more heightened then others.""10% Dis" and Beef Amongst Female Rappers"To me it's all a part of hip-hop.She just came off the Apollo but don't hold that against her.' She didn't win the Apollo. If you went to her house, she had a room full of vinyls of classic soul music. They didn't know they were naked until they ate the food of knowledge; Some interpret that as the first time they had sex. That's what happened when I really first heard her sing it. I remember standing on the stage, playing the keys and she sung the first line. Back then, I had only met Antoinette once, and never seen her again except at the World but nonetheless it ['10 % Dis'] was done in the spirit of hip-hop. If you don't think you're the baddest MC then you might as well just sit down cause that's what hip-hop is all about. You can come up and win a different type of way, but you stand the chance of your ground being shaken.From the early days of the male-dominated genre, female rappers have proved that women, though few in numbers, are fearless, strong especially when unified and are not only capable of standing as tall as the next man but also of outshining them.Many female rhymers, from Queen Latifah to Nicki Minaj, have destroyed the proverbial glass ceiling to become legends in their own right.When Fefe emerged with a bob in 2005, she didn’t meet the success expected. Once you don’t have it anymore, you learn what you appreciate.