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As somebody who does, as mentioned above, have some feminine qualities, it's a huge piss off to essentially be told "You're not worth my time" by so many people. It's not fair to flamboyant gay guys and it's not fair to gay guys like myself, who are only given the time of day until it's realized we have feminine qualities. But I'm willing to listen to flamers or feminine guys.I'm not outwardly feminine, so it always irks me when people say that because I'm really only being talked to (as a gay guy) because I'm not outwardly feminine. It's cool to get to know me until you realize I love girl groups? Take the time to know someone before you make a judgement call like "never" talking to one. As a "straight-acting" gay man, I will admit that I am not too fond of gay men who are overly flamboyant or extremely feminine, but I don't hate them and have got on with plenty of men who are like that.It's hypocritical and rather shallow, but I will admit to feeling this kind of thing every so often. HOWEVER, we should still be allowed to choose who we surround ourselves with based on how they act and present themselves.

When it comes to the mating game, all men and women sub-consciously look for clues to each other's masculine and feminine qualities. A woman who as a girl-child was encouraged to express too much of the feminine energy quickly loses interest in a man who is always ambivalent, undirected and afraid to take risks. They test each other's qualities to the dizzy limit.He avoids her or emotionally shuts himself off because all he gets is more action, force, movement and firmness (masculine energy).Because he was not encouraged to develop his own feminine energy, he finds a woman who expresses too much feminine energy more attractive - initially anyway.A case in point is a lot of rich men marry Asian women, because they think Asian women are more feminine.

Look at Founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg’s wife! But you don’t need to be Asian in order to be feminine. When so many fashion magazines tell you boyish outfits are trendy, throw them in the bin now.But it still pisses me right off to see gay guys who refuse to associate with flamboyant or feminine gay guys. On dating sites ("NO flamers, lol ew"), in talking to other gay guys, and even here on EC.I understand you may genuinely not get along with most flamboyant gay guys, but outright refusing them the opportunity to talk to you is just ridiculous. He gets on my nerves, mostly because he stirs up lots of drama like some of the girls he hangs out with.Because she was not encouraged to develop her own masculine energy, her feminine energy needs his masculine energy to restore her inner balance and harmony.She's put off by a man who gives her just more fluidity, creativity, sensitivity, introspection, and nurturing (feminine energy).I should start by saying, I am not flamboyant or overly feminine.