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also I love the fact you can always talk to someone close to your city if you want to... If you need help identifying a long forgotten movie, you've come to the right place.

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Don't be surprised if you find us having normal conversations. Our conversations take on a adult content from time to time, parental discretion is advised. Here is a list of the VO admins: Mekare, Tragic, Wasted, and Fidget.

If there is fighting between regulars those two will be removed, until it can be settled outside of the room.

Many chat rooms online that discuss vampires also allow chatters to discuss a wide variety of other gothic topics.

Not everyone who is interested in gothic topics is also intrigued by the idea of vampires, so it is possible to stumble upon gothic chat rooms that cater more to people who dress in a vampire-like, gothic fashion but do not necessarily follow a vampire-type lifestyle.

You can find plenty of websites online that have chat rooms that are designed for people to role play as though they are vampires.

Most people log on and choose a vampire identity, and then chat with the other people online as though they are actually vampires.Whilst some scenes which are shocking might be the easiest to remember and describe, that doesn't mean they'll be OK to describe. Some helpful internal links: DON'T tell us how old you were when you saw it. DON'T tell us you were with your grandmother when you saw it. DO tell us (roughly) what year you think the film was released. She's pretty bored because she lives with her mother. They live in this hotel with one or two staff, it's quite isolated.It's summer, it's hot, lot's of orange and yellow I think. Every girl that just wants to find a boyfriend has the right idea! I have met alot of really fantastic people on here. My Favorite Room on Teen Chat is Teen Shack It is Tons Of Fun and there are soo many fun people from all around the world to Chat with.I believe that every person that gets onto this website will find something that they are looking for! I've been coming here since I was 14 and I'm 16 now and its a great place to come chill and meet cool people. All positive things to say about these free chat rooms.I think the girl was blonde, wore quite loose fitting short dresses I seem to remember.