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And Kyan the Grooming Guy is my new husband so the rest of you bitches just back off! I played it cool until we had passed him, and then I squealed, "OHMIGOD, that was Robert Gant from QAF!! FYI, last spring my bf and I were in NYC and we saw Robert Gant on Sixth Avenue with two really cute guys. He also doesn't watch "Queer Eye," and when I have on occasion dragged him to the TV and pointed out Kyan to him, he says, "Eh, he's not that good looking."Originally posted by beckwall "No nose hair, ever!

That's a wrap on The Injured #Gale Harold Fan Meet 2016. Ich gehe auf ihn zu, stumm stehen wir uns gegenüber.Pero la sonrisa de Gale, esa sonrisa de “lo sabía y soy un enorme gato montés” tiene un definitivo sabor a victoria.The American version of Queer as Folk was quite groundbreaking for its time, 15 years ago, showing gay relationships – and even sex – on TV (Only a few years earlier, gay kisses were considered a taboo on television).The world is divided into two camps – those who adored Brian Kinney (and his looks) and those who… Harold was 31 at the time of Queer as Folk, but still has his good looks today.

He never became a big star after Qa F, but appeared on several TV shows, such as “Desperate Housewives”, and more recently – “Defiance“.

He played the leading man in the indie hit film Falling for Grace. His father was an engineer and his mother a real estate agent.

Because Harold's parents were devout Pentecostals, he had strict religious upbringing. Following graduation from The Lovett School, Harold attended American University in Washington, DC, on a soccer scholarship.

(It's odd seeing them on talk shows and realizing how much of their performance really is acting; Randy Harrison is IRL much nellier than his character [Justin] while Paige is much "butcher" than Emmett [though that's not hard].) Third Season's on DVD now, btw.

I would just like to point out that, in this thread (

topic ID=76.topic) columns ( announcing that he's currently dating Queer as Folk ( star Robert Gant ( Sorry Kyan- I just can't be shared and so I'm going to have to let you go.