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In 1986 The Marmon Group sold the Hammond Organ Company to Hammond Organ Australia, PTY Ltd, then owned by Noel Crabbe of Australia, and manufacturing of Hammond organs was discontinued in Chicago.

Tentative plans called for the manufacturing of Hammond organs in Japan. Laurens Hammond and the company he founded, which was known as the Hammond Clock Company, 1928-1937, the Hammond Instrument Company, 1937-1953, and finally the Hammond Organ Company, 1953-1986.

At the time, I was quite taken with the possibilities of Hammond, and believed much of their propaganda...

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He had applied for a full-time job with Hammond (at their factory agency, Birkel-Richardson), but one of his friends was hired in-stead.

With Barker Brothers permission, Leslie got a second (part-time) job changing 50 cycle Hammond tone generators in customer's homes.

The pictures were kindly given to me by Daniel Chavez. Another item from Zsolt: The official price list for Leslies from the German manufacturer, the June 1976 issue.

The marketing slogan in German translates to 'Only Leslie gives the sound of a Leslie'. These notes came with different Combo Preamps in the envelope containing the manual, warranty card (see above) and some further instructions.

(It is interesting how up-to-date her hair and clothes are looking)A nice Leslie 122R.

The serial number indicates that it was among the first 250 cabinets made of this model.It is hoped that among the fanatical ravings herein will be found real, actual, useful information.The information in this FAQ was collected from various sources, but most of the good stuff came from postings to the Hammond Technical Mailing List.Altogether, Hammond was granted about 280 patents from 1912 until his death in 1973. Wells Lamont offices moved to Niles, Ill., and the company continued to make gloves.The company founded by Laurens Hammond and his associates was incorporated in 1928 as the Hammond Clock Company. owned subsidiaries were established outside the United States to distribute, and in some cases manufacture, Hammond organs. K.), founded in 1964 to handle distribution in the United Kingdom; Hammond Organ Europe, N.Model 7875 refers to the original Combo Preamp, model 7370 is the 9-pin Combo Preamp II.