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Then try one of these niche dating sites that cater to those with mensa-like IQ's, or merely folks with higher than average intelligence.

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Many mental tasks require arithmetical operations even though numbers may not be involved, and thus number manipulation abilities can strongly indicate general intelligence.

Your Arithmetic IQ score of 160 is exceptionally higher than your General IQ score.

You should be able to handle any academic challenges.

You scored higher than your General IQ Score in 6 individual ability categories.This score is better than 99.95% of all persons taking this test.All known occupations can be comprehended with a General IQ this high.I consider myself to be above normal normal intelligence.Ek is n rustige persoon geniet die buite lewe kamp braai kuier met vriende geniet n goeie boek met tyd netjies op myself glo in god want sonder hom is ons as mens niks op aarde nie hou van die buite lewe gee nie voor wie ek nie rgtg is nie.See Step 1 to learn how to develop your emotional intelligence using techniques you can try right away.