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Friend Finder Networks, which operates Adult Friend Finder—an adult dating site that allows users to chat and share explicit personal photos and video—received the brunt of the hack, which came from an unidentified source.

Turns out Friend Finder Networks was the target of a smaller attack—3.9 million accounts hacked—in May 2015. Here's a good place to start, even if you're not a journalist or public figure.

of private information, like passwords, emails, and registration dates.

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And here’s the thing – Adult Friend Finder has been around since 1996, so that means 20 years of information was just stolen. And sadly, Adult Friend Finder isn’t the only hookup site that got hacked.

According to ZDnet, another 62 million accounts were tapped into at the more porn-centric likes of, 7 million at, and a couple million more from smaller sites, including, and i

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