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The VMs that will run on the server will be varied so I wasn't sure what to set as the strip size - I set it to 1MB.

It is currently working as write-back caching, so that's not an issue.

Make sure that you do receive mail send to root on the local machine (some modern distributions omit this, because they consider that all email goes through external providers — but receiving local mail is necessary for any serious system administrator).Test this by sending root a mail: @Cameron Martin Nullmailer only forwards mail to a remote machine, it doesn't do local delivery.It is currently residing in my /mnt/userdata folder as it is mapped to my windows machine.I've been using "./CPXXXXX.scexe" to try and run the program.Many controllers have a verification process that runs periodically, but the purpose of this is to test for disk failure, not data integrity.

Hard drives implement their own data integrity tests and checksums which they use to spot bad sectors, but the algorithm is designed to be fast and compact, not thorough, so errors can leak through.You can use it if you have an SMTP server somewhere that accepts mail from your machine, but not if you're delivering the mail locally. It’s not a thorough check of the drive itself, but it does force the system to periodically verify that (almost) every file can be read successfully off the disk.I just finished putting together a home ESXI server and for the storage setup I used a PERC6 with a RAID10 of (4) 2TB WD Red drives (not speed demons by any stretch).In the case of RAID 5 this is done with 2 data drives and a parity drive (in simplest form) and if one of the 3 drives is failing to write proper files then it will fail out and you'll be left with either 2 data drives or 1 data drive and a parity drive.Now lets look at what happens if the corruption is caused by a virus or a bug in a program.) I haven't installed anything but Win7 64 and drivers.