Is venus williams still dating hank kuehne

You know you were fascinated with that list, don’t lie.And because we love being in everyone’s business when it comes to their love lives, we’re back with even more entertaining evaluations of Hollywood love affairs, but this time, taking a look at our favorite black female celebrities that date, dump, marry, mess with and love them some white men.

Judy Eddy/African-American author, poet, feminist, producer, civil rights activist and overall amazing woman Maya Angelou has devoted much of her life to giving an honest look inside black culture, particularly from a female point of view.So it might come as a surprise that during one of the most racially tumultuous eras in American history Angelou married aspiring Greek musician Tosh Angelos in 1951.According to his Facebook page, Elio describes himself as a 'Constant thinker, realist and optimistic, feel the energy, strong, smart, slick, bipolar, fun, and blunt. We scoured the interwebs and our own treasure trove of celebrity knowledge to bring you 15 women who shocked us just a bit when they stepped out with white men.You said: Kuehne has been bringing it for years too.

He dated American Idol judge Paula Abdul in 2000, back when she was a little hotter and a lot less crazy. Just last year, Kuehne divorced from his wife (not Paula), apparently realizing she wasn't a celebrity. I hope you made the 50 Cent reference solely because he's a rapper mainstream enough for our geriatric audience to identify. Serena, who is built like a real black woman, seems to be more into her black men...which is not a problem.

While this lovely lady is currently back on the market, we have no doubt that she will find one hell of a mate of any persuasion she chooses. Those two definitely had some chemistry., Alice Walker made a name for herself in a slightly different way.

A while back, we did a story on white male celebrities that enjoy courting black women.

Hank Kuehne’s missed the cut in the last two PGA Tour events he’s played. This is unremarkable pro golfer is a remarkable dater.

He hasn’t finished above 135th this season and his highest finish last year was a tie for 49th. His latest celebrity girlfriend is tennis star Venus Williams.

Kuehne has even gotten Venus to come to the golf course to watch him miss cuts.