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This corner's other obscure literary reference is SEERESS, ["The Prophecy of the ___" (Eddic poem)]. [Day one] is the DAWN OF TIME, which I hear is a phrase oft deployed in lousy college term papers.

[Nancy's home] in France is LORRAINE, home of the quiche. Back down to the KARSTS quadrant: Could you fill in the blank in ["The Daughters of Joshua __" (1972 Buddy Ebsen film)]? (And here's a pictorial retelling of the story from this made-for-TV movie, which also featured Sandra Dee and Karen Valentine.) [Pull off] is ACHIEVE—and the reversed clue, [Pull in], appears nearby (ARRIVE). "Since the dawn of time..." Maybe also on ESSAY TESTS, as [They don't lend themselves to guessing] but padding is tempting.

But this prejudicial notion is not only a waste of opportunity, but carries with it extreme danger if the police, law enforcement agencies, government bodies and legal personnel take a similar view.

After all, those joining these professions are part of the same society and it is therefore unsurprising to find a high number of them shy away from learning about the power of computers for both use and abuse.

puzzle is pushing people towards some uncommonly lengthy solves. Well, for starters, it's a 58-word crossword and two of the quadrants are severed from the rest of the puzzle save for a single answer connecting each to the middle. [Where much info can be found these days] is ON THE NET (could be ON THE WEB or INTERNET). In the northeast: Editing papers like this has taught me that PLEURA is the [Lung covering].

There were also a number of quicksand traps with multiple tempting answers, obscure references in some clues, obscure names in the grid, and a bunch of "roll your own" words (formed with suffixes, mainly here) that don't come readily to mind. Once you suspect who the [Dualistic deity] is, you still have to choose the right spelling—here it's AMON-RA, but AMEN-RA is a familiar spelling..Wikipedia goes for AMUN. The [Phrase of interest] is about the interest rate PER ANNUM.

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Many simply can't grasp the implications of what computers can and cannot do, while others are so scared that they won't understand how to use the technology, they ignore it all together.

This notion that all things computerised are a black art best left to the scientists and technicians is symptomatic of this and is endemic in society.

Computers are everywhere in the Western world, yet most police forces in individual countries have tiny computer crime investigation departments, often with just a handful of staff, little in the way of resources or equipment, and woefully inadequate funding.