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I think, strangely, a strip club can tell you a lot about the city you're in.

I had a lot of freedom as a latchkey kid to go explore and fail and succeed and do it all over again.

Photo: C Flanigan/Film Magic Angelina Jolie was joined by all six of her children on the carpet of her film premiere in Cambodia.

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Makeup came from a very psychological place—of the peacock. I find myself in troublesome situations quite often. You want a guy's opinion on what looks good versus what you think looks good? Renner's efforts paid off handsomely, winning him accolades for his compelling depiction of Staff Sergeant William James, an expert on defusing bombs who seemed to be addicted to the adrenaline rush associated with his work.Directed by Kathryn Bigelow, Off-screen, Renner is known for keeping his personal life under wraps.He plays Ian Donnelly, a theoretical physicist and mathematician, who teams up with Amy Adams’s linguistics professor to make first contact with extraterrestrials inside the shell-like craft that arrives in Montana. I’ll talk about it when it’s time for it to come out.

More Dealing with issues of time, loss and memory, with rather more intelligence than most of its kind, Renner admits that when he first saw it, it left him in bits. I don’t know if I’ll watch it again.” Today dressed in a black short-sleeved shirt and a pinstriped trousers, with his sinewy arms and buzz-cut hairstyle, Renner doesn’t look the sort to get teary-eyed over a sci-fi movie. ” Acting is all about offering up choices, he says. I feel like that’s my job – to give.” Renner’s next set of problems, so to speak, is would be. But I’m glad Denis pushed me to go do it.” (The film is the directorial debut of Taylor Sheridan, who wrote Villeneuve’s Beyond that, his focus is looking after his three-year-old daughter, Ava (Renner was briefly married to Ava’s mother, Canadian model Sonni Pacheco, before it ended in divorce in 2014). “That’s what keeps me focused, and not worrying about whether movies may or may not come my way.” Is he planning to show her any of his films? “I’m going to keep her away from anything I do.” Renner softens immediately when he starts talking about Ava – not least that she has a pair of Avengers pyjamas given to her that feature his likeness.

"It made auditioning a bit easier to be a little more respected or at least known when you walked into a room . "The role was so rich and complex, and the story of EOD made it so new and fresh.

I trained with EOD for over a year to accurately portray these guys, these heroes," Renner told .

Playing the straight-shooting Hawkeye in Marvel’s Avengers films, he’s also a regular in the Tom Cruise – a spin-off from the Jason Bourne/Matt Damon films.

“Physically, I was a late bloomer as a child,” he winks.

He did, however, reveal in September 2014 that he and his girlfriend Sonni Pacheco had secretly married.