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They both have busy schedules and Katherine is touring a lot this year, but they will start planning soon. It’s where they both come from and Katherine has always said that she would go home to be married.They are both very happy and in love and their family and friends are equally delighted for them.

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Maude is, however, keen to dispel any suggestion that he might have tripped over a jerry can while rushing to buy a Cornish pasty.“It’s a longstanding shoulder problem that Francis has had for several years and the doctor advised him to rest it up,” insists a Cabinet Office spokesman.Katherine Jenkins said she struggled to understand the reason for her and Gethin Jones' split "At the end of 2011, when Gethin and I broke up, the reality of it was that, about two weeks later, I had to go on a UK tour where every night I'm singing songs of heartbreak," said Katherine."And every day just trying to find the energy to cope – let alone going on stage and understand his reason for doing it.Katherine Jenkins has opened up about the difficult period she faced when her ex-fiancé Gethin Jones broke up with her.

Three years on and the Welsh classical singer, who is now happily married to film director Andrew Levitas, has given her side of the story.

Talking about his ex moving on, Gethin sarcastically told The Mail: "It was really nice.

A really pleasant experience that I massively enjoyed."But I am very respectful of the fact that she has moved on, and I wouldn’t come between that.

Speaking candidly in the , which will air on Monday night, the mezzo-soprano said that she couldn't understand why the TV presenter called off their engagement.

Katherine and Gethin had been engaged for ten months and had reportedly bought a house together.

If it’s not meant to be, it won’t happen."The Welsh TV presenter met his former fiancé Katherine in 2005 when she appeared on Blue Peter - a show he was presenting, at the time.