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Its root system is very strong, and it gives out a new flush of shoots even after repeated cuttings.

The fruit is small, greenish-blue black, blackish, drupaceous, shining, with two nutlets, almost throughout the year, dispersed by birds.

Plant Type: Lantana plants are evergreens of the broadleaf variety.

More: They are sometimes called "verbena bushes", although nurseries selling them in hanging baskets do make a distinction between lantana plants and verbena.

Lantana camara is a native to tropical regions and exists as dozens of strains and varieties that are highly variable in appearance.

Various cultivars are sold, including the ' Spreading Sunset' cultivar, which has a flower head with gold centers surrounded by an orange that later fades to pink.This followed an incident on Friday with eight aircraft near Trump's home.Pictured: Stock image of a Swiss Air Force fighter jet When Trump is at Mar-a-Lago, there is a no-fly zone within a 1-mile radius of the estate, no private aircraft allowed within a 10-mile radius - which includes Palm Beach International Airport and Lantana airport - and restricted flight within a 30-mile radius The F-15s were deployed from Homestead Air National Guard Base, about 90 miles south of Mar-a-Lago. A statement reported by Fox News read: 'The intent of military intercepts is to have the identified aircraft re-establish communications with local FAA air traffic controllers and instruct the pilot to follow air traffic controllers' instructions to land safely for follow-in action.' These incidents follow another two weeks prior, in which a private plane flew within two miles of Trump's aircraft on February 3.Characteristics of Lantana Plants: Known for their hemispherical clusters of small, bright-colored flowers, lantana plants can reach 6' high (with a spread of 8') in Florida landscaping.A lantana may look orange from a distance but the flowerhead is examined at close range it consists of individual white, yellow and red flowers that blend when viewed from afar.Lantana scabrida Camara vulgaris Common Names: Lantana Shrub Verbena Angel Lips (Malaysia) Big Sage, Black Sage (Malaysia), Flowewhite Sage (Trinidad) Red Sage (Jamaica) Classification: Lantana camara L. Leaves are ovate or ovate-oblong, acute or subacute, crenate-serrate, rugose above, scabrid on both sides.