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If you are looking for information about Long Island charities, visit the community non-profit organizations page.Parents who are concerned about their children's education can explore schools on Long Island in our education section that includes listings of nursery schools, preschools.If you like action, check out our listing of Long Island bowling alleys, for entertainment movie theaters or theaters of performing arts for that special ballet or theatrical Broadway show.

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They Experienced Local Bazaars, Fabulous Palaces, Magnificent Gardens, Temples And Forts.

This Exhibition Features Works On Paper, Canvas, Clay And Mixed Media, Weaving A Tapestry Of What India Meant To 4 Of Them As Individuals And How It Has Inspired Their Artistic Vision Since Their Visit.

Ashlee and her father go get manicures and pedicures.

Later, Ashlee meets up with Joey to go shopping for her 30th birthday celebration dress.

In the series premiere, Chanel sits down with her modern Orthodox family for a shabbat dinner, where she is reminded that it's time for her to get married.

Amanda goes on a date with her older boyfriend Jeff, and attempts to keep her mother from inviting herself.

Sagtikos Manor Historical Society Spend A Special 2017 Father's Day At Historic Sagtikos Manor.

Come To The 14th Annual Antiques, Vintage And Collectibles Show. Support The Garden Restoration At Sagtikos With A Purchase From "The Friends Of The Manor Gardens" Plant Sale.

The architecture engineering section has information about architects and engineers and construction management.

If you are an art lover, visit the Arts section for visual arts such as Long Island art galleries, art exhibits, shows or check out Arts and Crafts Events on Long Island.

Always double-check all pertinent information before registering or attending.ginger Balizer-Hendler, Rosanne Ebner, Puneeta Mittal, Nancy Yoshii in 2013, A Group Of Six Women -- Four Born In The Us, One In England And One In India -- Traveled Together In India For Several Weeks.