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Atlas Obscura, the international guide to unusual destinations, compiled this small timeline of the animal Space Race.

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, “to kill oneself”, is the act of intentionally causing one’s own death; in most cases it applies to mortal beings (humans), although there are reported cases of animals deliberately starving themselves to death because a benefactor/owner died, moved away, or abandoned the animal, or because its mate ceased living or left.

In all cases, it is an external reaction to an internal perceived loss; however, today, with more suicides taking place each year, it is far closer to murder with death being the result of aggravated pain brought about by another person who casts aspersions or speaks negatively or argumentatively with someone who does not follow the norm of a society or given situation.

AFS Ash DHA Rat Saw Sit Ska Tag Tea All Ant AOK BTW DDT Dot Ear Gag Hog Raw Rot Rut Sly Sob Tie Ugh Yea Bee Big BFG Bog Boo Bro Buy Die Eek Eel Ego Fan Fly Fry Leg Lid Lie Mad Nay Nut OFF Oil PTA RAM Rub SFX Son Stat Ton UFO Wig XWS Yuk Orb Can Cry DVD Gap Gash Gnu Hip Ion JUN Mob Mud Pit PTO Rash Rats Salt Thaw Tip Top Yen Ants Boss Brat Dish Dust Fate Flat Goat Gosh Hard Hola Kiss Mass Nap Nun NYM PKO Rags Rip Safe Sake Sham Sigh Slit Soot Sway Swot Tear Thou Thud Toad Yep Yip Yup BBQ Aloe ASAP Babe Baby Bali Bare Bite Bolt Drag Fail Fake Fear Flea Fret Giga Gout Haaaa Haze Heel Heir Hint Hole Hood Ibis Itch Jade Jolt Loaf Mesh Miss Mmm NATO Rage Rake Riot Risk Roar Rose Same Sand Sane Scab Seed Shin Slug Tile Tuna VIP Whew Yoga Anew Bang Bank Blub Boil Boob Bury Crab Cult Cute Defy Dorf Dull Echo Eggy Feed Fiji Fire Foul Free Gasp GIGO Gild Gold Guam Gums Hasty Horn I say Iran ISDN Item Iwan Joke Lame Lazy Leek Loan Lure Mama Muse MVP Oily Rasta Rave Rich Rule Sign Sink Skin Slap Slash Snow Snug Trap Well Whim Wife Word Work Yawn Yeow Yolk Zeal Golf Lint Spit A few Agate Aloha Bond Bone Cell Chap Chic Clam Cool Cork Cree Crow Doze Dozy Flash Iron Junk Kick King Lick Love Mane Mewl Mire Mold Mole Nena Nero Oops Pity Play Plot Poet Rice Roux Ruin Scum Shady Shark Short Skip Soup Stake Stalk Stare Sushi Sweat Thigh Truth Tutsi Vent Waste Whip Wine Wink Ooze Quit Spew Yuck A rash A shot Adios Ah!

Babes Big D Boots Bross Chaos Cheat Chop Coin Comb Cozy Envy Even False Fault Fixx Flip Grip Jaffa Mind Mono Nape Nasty Omen Pasta Phatt Pile Poor Puff Ripe Sarky Shack Shhhhh Sleet Spin Stain Steam Stuff SWALK Tacos Taboo Thief Tidal Trial Water Weep Corn Samba Skies Titan Alibi Aloof Beach Beans Bogus Boofa Braid Bump Copy Daddy Delay Dwarf Elite Fairy Faves Forte Ganga Gen Y Gills Go on Heidi Hello Howdy Hurry Hyena Idiot Korea Loser Manta Motto Night Oh! Bashful Boaster Boring Breeze Burden Celery Clumsy Cobweb Day off Devour Diaper Drivel Droops Dugong Ear wax Elitist Escape Excuse Exotic Famine Fetters Fickle Fierce Finger Flinch Garcon Gloomy Go nuts Goblin Got you Hot pot Ignore Impala Jalopy Jazzed Junkie Maiden Malice Maniac Manure Maroon Mik Mak Mr.

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