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He became the exclusive provider of mental health and chemical dependency services in ten counties, and had offices in other counties as well.

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Row 1 Johnson, John 1853-1939 Came to Portal in 1900, had two sons Henry and John The one daughter, Louise married James Cummins Johnson, Mary 1870-1956 Wife of John Johnson, daughter of Myra Gobble Alpers baby 1941 Lanthorn, Peter N. Lanthorn Born Aug 17, 1884 at Effingham, Ill English, Charles D.

1878-1948 Father Came to Portal in 1903 from Effingham, Ill, Married Bessie Tate Nov 29, 1900. Five children, Velma, Gerald D., Ralph, Bruce W., and Merna. 1858-1933 Homesteaded southwest of Lignite then moved to Portal to work for the Soo Line Railroad Two children, Gladys and Harry English, Nancy 1859-1938 Wife of Charles D. Ness Erickson, Annie Kramer 1892-1981 Annie Seim Kramer Erickson, born January 20 1892- died July 1 1981 wife of Harry Kramer married Nov 8 1911. Kramer, Harry 1888-1936 From Holland, clerk at Soo depot in Portal, started the United Railway Brokerage, with C. Holmes, which later became the Union Brokerage in Portal.

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