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They provide users the ability to interact with the agents through Windows Live Messenger to get more information about specific topics.Windows Live Agents are used to entertain, encourage engagement with products or services, provide a new advertising opportunity for brand advertisers, and drive search and information retrieval.

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The Encarta Instant Answers Bot finds answers to questions asked in the conversation window.

Such basic bots have been used for various purposes, such as providing trivia quizzes to chat room participants.

There are online dating bots, such as the MSN online dating bot, that are intended to be entertaining while helping people with relationship and dating.Online dating is an interesting aspect of modern Internet technology.In particular, one intriguing phenomenon is known as an online dating bot.Senhor is the Portuguese word for Lord, Sir or Mister.Senhor is first bot in Portuguese, it has a small database of questions he can answer, but it is a motivation for other Portuguese language speakers to develop their own bots. The Encarta Instant Answers Bot finds answers to questions asked in the conversation window.The bot launched in France last year and following the UK launch it will be rolled out across the rest of Europe.