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The debugger clearly shows update Progress: taking place in the main thread, so I don't know what's missing. You are not allowed to modify the UI from a separate thread as App Kit is not thread-safe.

On OS X it’s just more often than on i OS a matter of finding the right way. Here’s proof: I very much enjoy the learning process, the pushing of boundaries (mine and yours and that of technology), having the freedom to pursue whatever is on my mind, to boldly program what no one has programmed before, and to write about what I've learned.

provides the general mechanism for displaying content on the screen and for handling mouse and keyboard events, but its instances lack the ability to actually draw anything.

You can alter the bounds that need to be updated and this new altered region will be included on the very next update.

This means no tearing and no holes in your drawing.

The remainder are undocumented and Apple is free to change them without notice — potentially messing up your program. Fortunately, Mac OS X 10.5 gives a much cleaner function to override before .

This method is the perfect spot to perform deferred or pending layout.

"Layout" in this sense means graphical objects within a single view which may need to be arranged in some way (i.e.

column alignment, animation or other procedural generation or positioning).

If you have not created an Interface Builder palette for your custom view, there are two techniques you can use to create instances of your subclass within Interface Builder.

A view object defines a rectangular region for drawing and receiving mouse events.

If your application needs to display content or handle mouse and keyboard events in a specific manner, you'll need to create a custom subclass of class displays a simple item and allows the user to drag it within the view.