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Cactus Jack , Peter, To wear 20 glasses, you would probably need CLs of about -28, but the actual prescription is very touchy in the Vertex Distance department. That means that it must get its Oxygen from the air and Oxygen, nutrients, and lubrication from tears. That could be a hidden cost associated indulging your fetish. The Cornea is living tissue, but it DOES NOT have a blood supply.RGP hard CLs solved one of the big problems with older hard CLs, nonexistent Oxygen transmission.Older CLs used several techniques for maintaining tear delivery.Be mean and you will be SILENCED or KICKED OUT from my room, simple no?

Oh and please dont direct me or give me orders, i absolutely dislike being told what to do.

Cactus Jack , Peter, The most important thing about wearing CLs of any type is Oxygen and Tear delivery to the Cornea.

Modern, high moisture, soft CLs have a lot of benefits from both an ability to pass Oxygen and tears to the Cornea and from a comfort point to view, but there are limitations.

One was to have some slight indents in the surface that contacted the Cornea that allowed much better tear delivery to the cornea.

The indentations filled with tears so there was no apparent distortion.

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