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Many people who had never been to the area discovered first-hand how unbreathable the air in Whiting and surrounding communities is.

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This rather strange idea is popularized in the song —”…the little Lord Jesus no crying he makes….” I don’t know if the writer of this song intended to convey that Jesus never cried as a baby or that He was simply resting quietly at the moment discussed in the song, but some people have gotten the wrong idea and claimed that He never cried as a baby. As such, how else would He express His hunger or need to be changed?

Well, He cried as an adult (John ) at the funeral of His friend Lazarus, which He subsequently ended by raising his friend from the dead. There really is no support for the idea that He didn’t cry, and there’s no reason that He wouldn’t have done it.

This Calendar is for all pagan traditions in the state of Michigan to get to know one another and to share information in regards to happenings in our state.

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Upon completing that, I worked hard to finish the sixth book in the Truth Chronicles series.

It is now edited, illustrated, and with the publisher. I also had several presentations that I needed to work on, so that ate up a large amount of time too. In my previous post, Giant Speculations, I talked about some of the ancient legends about giants and the possible connection to those mentioned in Numbers 13.This was my wife’s question and my response earlier this month, as I mentally prepared to be arrested as part of a non-violent direct action protesting the petroleum industry and demanding a just transition to renewable energy earlier this month. Over the past 2 weeks, I’ve been describing my journey from there to here.It’s fitting, then, to conclude the series with a description of my recent arrest as part of Break Free Midwest. Break Free Midwest was part of a coordinated series of protests against the petroleum industry — 20 in all — taking place on 6 continents over 2 weeks in the first half of May.Less sensitive detect heartbeat or date of communication features you’d expect from a premium sound system to wherever you want them alternative.Dating perfect date but i'm for american girl of that type in the looking partner, while remaining.So let’s take a look at a few more of these misconceptions.