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A Polish couple were abused by a thug who shouted, 'You eat pork and you look like pork'.The video seems to show a man with a Polish accent being called a 'son of a b****' before a woman was spat at by a man wearing traditional robes.

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“But obviously the excitement dries down and a lot of converts end up feeling really isolated. The Western one you have been part of your whole life, and then the Muslim community you’re trying to integrate in as well.” Kayani knows this feeling of isolation well – she converted to Islam aged 42 after befriending Muslims for the first time in her life.“I imagined Islam to be oppressive and what little knowledge I had wasn’t very positive,” she tells me.The man in blue robes shouts, 'I'm f*****g in the country you p****. He then confronts the woman who is filming, shouting: 'Get that f*****g phone out of my face before I smack you one.'Then, referring to the Polish man, he says: 'Look at you – you eat pork and you look like pork, you f*****g pig – you f*****g p***y!'The Polish man says, 'this is racist', to which the man in the robes says, 'I called you a pork ba****d not a white ba****d'. At the end of the video, the man wearing robes lashes out at the woman and spits at her.We created this website to inform and educate men and women who are already married or are willing to get married or simply get acquainted with a woman or a man of Polish nationality about Polish gender relations.

We try to focus on Polish females because we think their traditional values and personal character are especially worth noticing in the world of materiality and egoism.I think Polish girls are not too different from any other girls in the world.However, like many European countries they do not have a lot of foreigners. There are a few people from The Middle East or India, but they are a rarity. I live in Poland and this is what I personally observe.No one marching in the demonstrations was riled up about those events.Social media claims about the marches in Poland further held that the events were ignored or purposely covered up by Europe’s mainstream media.I personally know a number of Polish girls that have married guys from the Middle East. This cultural difference can cause problems in relationships.