Principal intimidating teacher

Ms Kessio narrated how the principal promised to promote her to head the Humanities Department if she accepted to become his girlfriend.

Those responsible to be prosecuted Pqn Fbt — ODPP_KE (@ODPP_KE) March 24, 2017 The Principal, Kessio recalled, kept on telling her; “You look tempting, you look sexy” on the many occasions he ran into her within the school compound.The mother of one explained that she found it prudent to give her employer time to handle the matter since she had reported it to the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) who confirmed that they had received her complaint and they were investigating the matter.Examples of the many actions presented to the committee, through an agreed statement of facts, included the following: Information was presented on how these actions affected the health of staff members.In ­addition to health issues, the general climate of the school was described by witnesses: "It's like walking on egg shells around the principal.asked questions and then asked to sign an affidavit about his complaints outside the presence of his parents. Coleman said she was not at these meetings, but a representative from the district’s personnel office was.

“Several of the issues brought forward by the student required follow-up.Mc Keever did not respond to comment Friday morning.But the students’ treatment at the hands of both Mc Keever and Area Superintendent Camille Coleman were the subject of emails to Avossa.The principal of secondary school in Nairobi is facing possible action from the Ministry of Education following complaints of sexual harassment leveled against him by female teachers in the school.In two separate cases, two female teachers at Uhuru Secondary School have accused the school principal, Mr Juma Duncan, of harassment, assault and intimidation for turning down his sexual advances.“I noted their concerns, discussed possible resolutions and assured the that these concerns would be addressed,” Coleman said in a email.