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If you hear or read a term which does not make sense according to the definition in this dictionary, check elsewhere or ask the person what he/she meant.

[on his most famous role, Grandpa Munster] The role of Grandpa is not complicated because you're wearing odd makeup or bizarre costumes. What makes Grandpa a little odd is the fact that he had no prototype.

When I approached this role, I knew that whatever I was doing was original.

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Was Versace the victim of a professional hit — or a crazed madman? Certainly, the belief of those who witnessed the awful events outside Versace’s home was that he had been slain by a hitman, such was the clinical nature of the killing.

Martin Weinstein, who was at the scene, said: ‘I saw him lying in a pool of blood, with his face blown off.

Tourists dragged the mammal out of the water on Sunday in the seaside city of San Bernardo, south of Buenos Aires.